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REMAX of Valencia CA The Paris911 Team of Realtors

REMAX of Valencia RealtorsWe at RE/MAX of Valencia CA love building internet resources that benefit our clients.

Most of our clients want to know where they are able to find the cheapest real estate available.

They also want to make sure they are listing their home for the best price, not giving it away.

While I cannot sell a home in Texas – In Southern California, within most areas, our REMAX of Valencia CA Team is very active.

In fact, we have gone as far as Aliso Viejo and Riverside for our clients wanting to sell or procure real estate.

The research is never taken for granted and it takes us several hours to get up to speed. But after we have conducted our research, our clients are as safe as in a mother’s arms.

Enjoy our system for home search, Foreclosure intel and finding out what your home is worth in todays market.

Resource:  Search for real estate listings

Resource: Foreclosure listings in Santa Clarita

Resource: What is your home worth now

We will look forward to you contacting our REMAX of Valencia CA team within our Santa Clarita real estate offices.

Some of the Santa Clarita real estate listings are fake

Listen to the daily real estate radio showWhen searching online for homes and real estate, you may discover, after hiring a realtor, that you are not seeing the true real estate listings on the sites where you have been searching.

This is because some of the online real estate websites do allow for some to post up listings that are not policed.

There is no checks and balances system in place to make sure the listings entered into the system are accurate.

This is not the case with the actual Multiple Listing Service.

That has a police mechanism in place, it’s called the Board of Realtors and they ensure the listings are accurate and not games being played trying to obtain leads online.

Be safe – search well and please let my Paris911 Team at our Santa Clarita real estate offices know when you are ready to move and we will be there to protect your endeavors with real estate.

Expecting Bank Owned Experts at Santa Clarita real estate offices

When someone visits the offices of a Realtor, there are some things that can be “expected”.

Best Foot Forward - They are not going to let you see if they are hungry or not.

Experts in Everything - Rarely will they say “this is outside of my Expertise!”

Top Agents - Quick to tell you they are indeed the “BEST of the BEST of the BEST, Sir!!”

Coming back to Earth, you will know what the local Santa Clarita real estate offices are going to be able to supply you when it comes to distressed real estate intel.

Bank Owned real estate – Properties to be Auctioned – and the Pre Foreclosure listings are a few things you will want to see if you agent can provide for you.

They should be able to show you a system that they have built on-line, if they are a true expert in the field of Distressed and “off market” real estate owned properties.

We have ours for the City of Santa Clarita CA placed below with a clickable button showing you these property types.

Of course, we have Foreclosures and Bank Owned real estate posted for the other cities within the Santa Clarita Valley and elsewhere in Southern California.

Just inquire, in person, at our Santa Clarita real estate offices, or shoot me an email or telephone call. 661-400-1720

Bank Owned homes in Santa Clarita CA Pre Foreclosures in Santa Clarita CA Homes going to Auction for Santa Clarita CA

We love to be of the best assistance and look forward to you contacting our Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA.


We love our Santa Clarita real estate offices

From a presentation perspective, there is nothing quite like having individual offices with real doors and windows to the outside world.

When we have our clients, those we have never met face to face, enter our offices of our Paris911 at RE/MAX Crash Course on real estate, they go into a gaze.

The comments we have received are, “nice offices”, “This is not like my last agent”, and the ever faithful, “I was expecting cubbies for offices”.

The other thing that is really attractive about this system is the fact we are able to speak in the utmost of confidence. I do realize that most real estate companies have ‘meeting’ rooms.

However, those are always open for others to barge in. In our offices, we don’t have to deal with interruptions and the “Public Address” system that is in place with most RE offices.

We love our career, we love our clients, but we do love our REMAX offices and know we’d have a hard time adjusting anywhere else for sure!

Thanks for checking out our latest posting related to our Santa Clarita real estate offices.

Here are a few more resources that we monitor and update daily!

Be safe everyone, talk soon and reach out to our real estate team when you are ready to move.

BEST Santa Clarita Offices

BEST Santa Clarita Offices

BEST Santa Clarita offices

BEST waiting rooms in Santa Clarita CA

How has the Santa Clarita real estate market been fairing for the past 8 years

Santa Clarita home and real estate valuesWe have posted the pricing trends and the Santa Clarita real estate home values on the slideshare presentation above.

You can see that we have not recovered to the levels that we had in the Santa Clarita real estate back in late 2006 to early 2007, depending on what city you are viewing.

However, there have been may gains made with regard to the home prices and values for the SCV cities.

In some cases, we have passed the 50% mark with regard to gaining value from the lowest point in some of the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Real Santa Clarita real estate Offices, not in conference rooms or at Starbucks

Santa Clarita real estate offices

There was a time that both Paris and I worked out of conference rooms.  There are no “cubicles” at REMAX, only individual offices and a small “agent only” room.

However, we were Blessed to have some great clients and had secured Premium offices upstairs at the REMAX of Valencia CA Head Quarters, 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381.

We have three offices upstairs right next to the elevator, and this is my current office. (Connor).

Point being, everyone needs to start somewhere.  Maybe the real estate companies that some agents work with don’t allow for or have any office space.  Maybe Starbucks is the best those agents can do.

I remember having to work out of a conference room and Starbucks.  It was always not as comfortable, and I always felt as if I was not giving the best I could give with my clandestine meetings talking about deals involving hundreds of thousands if not Millions of Dollars.

Back in 2004 – We made the list to be able to “pay for” an office. (today we have three) No matter what an REMAX Agents production, those offices cost $$$.  However, that is very worth it because we have seen the pay off with regard to our sellers and buyers.

We charge the same to our sellers we charged before we had three premium offices housing Paris, myself and our staff.  That has not changed.  And of course real estate buyers don’t pay our commission, that too has not changed.

It is interesting how much business increased due to the confidence we have because we now can meet with any real estate client in a real office that are branded with our Paris911 Team Logos.

Be safe – this does not mean that those agents that don’t have offices are less worth of your business.  I’m merely stating how different we are today than from1998-2003, pre office.  It seems that we know have a much more solid base today…


The Santa Clarita real estate market is slowing down

We have just completed our Santa Clarita real estate market reports.

The “new” of this week relates to only one city reporting a gain in Median Listing Price. As it relates to Single Family Homes, Canyon Country was the only city that reported a price gain in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Join our Conversation to talk about real estate

This is interesting because of the past few weeks we have been reporting gains in all most all of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

This is the one of the few recent weeks where the SCV Real Estate has started an almost across the board decline or prolonged periods of flatness.

I have explained the nomenclature as it relates to the abbreviations used throughout this Santa Clarita real estate video as presented on haiku deck.

I have also taken the liberty to upload this video to SlideShare which is one of my favorite platforms for collaboration and more.

If you want to have the rest of the story and find out how we are doing with regard to Daily Real Estate news for the Santa Clarita Valley cities. All you have to do is tune into the Santa Clarita real estate companies broadcast located within our MacBoX feature on our Santa Clarita websites. (example is the MacboX is in the margin)

Once you locate it, type in the word “daily” into it after 12pm daily, and you will see the latest daily show that we have produced. Most of the time it is in “Radio Show” format. Sometimes, we do video shows talking about the local real estate market.

Enjoy our systems and please let REMAX of Valencia CA's Paris911 Team know when you are ready to MOVE….

What is sacrificed when using your own Realtor with Buying new housing

The risk. Having your own realtor or Real Estate company representing you on the purchase on a New Santa Clarita Home minimizes risk.

New Santa Clarita real estate updates

Simple, the cost that the new home builder pays to the New Housing Agent you have hired will never effect your bottom line. It won't cost you anything. You will get the same “upgrades”, “discounts”, and all that is and will be promised…

The reason: If the new home builder gave you any compensation to not have your own representative at the new housing center or when buying a new home, they would then create an appearance of Evil.

It would then appear that you would be penalized, under fair housing, to want to have your own agent represent you when buying a new built home.

They either offer compensation to a realtor that is representing a new home client or they don't.

It's called, in real estate circles, “cooperation”. We ask if the new housing center cooperates – if they do, then we get compensated to represent our clients at the new housing tracts. If they don't, then you have to work with the new home builder's agent.

During the last “high market” some of the new home centers and new home builders did not cooperate. You had to use the new housing agent and were not allowed to use your own.

A lot of those homes went the way of foreclosure and short sale a few years later.

Be safe, search well and make sure you are working with a Trusted real estate professional when approaching real estate on any level.

The Santa Clarita real estate housing market reports update weekly

When it came to keeping our clients updated, we had very little choice.

Don't like being “sold to”

Santa Clarita real estate office with research

We needed a system that we could get data from, without having to face having our clients “sold to”. I hate that as much as our real estate clients do.

We had to get the real estate data directly from two places, so we could have a comparative method. The first was the local Boards of Realtors. The second was comparing that recorded date with the Assessor's tax information. Believe it or not – Taxes are rarely wrong :) (at least in a lower favor)

It had to be simple to digest

We then needed the data in a comfortable presentation model. It had to be easy to digest and easy to obtain.

While I was surfing around on-line, I found that “something” that fit the bill 100% and grabbed onto it.

We now can have our clients more knowledgable about the local real estate market than most real estate agents.

How to get our Market Reports

How you can obtain our local Santa Clarita real estate market data report is simple.

You are going to have to go to the top Website related to real estate serving the Santa Clarita Valley cities, and type into the MacBoX the word “reports”.

Once you do you will be able to choose a report that is sponsored by our Santa Clarita real estate office. The reports are emailed directly to you and will be packed full of valuable market intel. – click to see the reports that are available and what cities are those considered as being “in Santa Clarita CA”.

Be safe and let us know when you are in the area and want to drop by our Santa Clarita real estate offices, so we can be sure to not be out looking for buyers for our sellers, etc.


When is it time to fire your real estate agent?

When is it time to fire your realtor

It happens, some people feel as if they have been slighted and are ready to move on to another Santa Clarita real estate company or agent.

While you may think that the grass is greener with some one else – it may not be.

Just make sure you are doing it for all the right reasons.

Here are some “right reasons”:

Agent was lying to you – Horrible, fire them and move on.

Agent keeps missing appointments – Horrible, fire them and move on.

Agent was always late – Horrible, fire them and move on.

Another agent said they were better and could help me more effectively – Don’t be so sure :)